The downfall of the big brands

Here I am – just a world citizen writing a simple blog about daily life. Nothing to it. Ment for folks back home to easily follow my crazy footsteps.
Still (and for me surprisingly) my blog is bombarded with “comment”/advertisement from some of the big fashions brands; Chanel, Hermes, Uggs and some Jersey stuff.
It can only be seen as a desperate last call – a try to get rid of the piled up stuff, nobody wonna buy in these times of crises. Or are the world citizens finally getting the point – that a pair of Chanel sunglasses doesn’t come with sun garanty !
Especially Uggs for kids seems to be hard to get loaded on the market. In average I have 20 “comments” from Uggs. Trying to get posted on my blog. Snowkidsuggs is obviously not so hot as their sleek marketing consultant thought.
There is nothing unethically about wanting to sell things. We also want and need to buy things. It’s all about methods. Were have we gone? And what have we become ?
When we start to find it normal, that the cost in the fashion industry is shifted from paying their labour a decent salary to be able to pay the “marketingwolfs” millions for seeking new gaps to get rid of the stuff. Where is the ethic ???
We as consumers/buyers have to ask ourselves these questions.
I hope when I tag these brands in this blog; people all over the world, who are looking for these brands, will have my little blog popping up on the screen. Hopefully one out of a billion will might even read it.

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Hanoi – Vietnam

Hanoi is a fantastic city, full of live and young people. All very sunny and happy. Old French colonial houses are scattered around the town, and some overgrown with orchids and other vegetation, which gives it all a very idyllic scenery. Still you meet the traditional ladies walking with their baskets on a bamboo cane, selling everything from fresh fish, vegetables, fruit, flowers; all coming to the city early morning from the countryside. In Vietnam everything seems to evolve around food – actually like most SouthEast Asian countries. Try the local Pho – which is a noodle soup with vegetables, and fish or chicken if you like. The more exotic menus will feature anything from pig ears, snake and sea cucumber. The propoganda posters brings you directly back to Communist Russia or indeed Vietnam – like you know from all the war movies. Every where you look, you see the red star. And “Uncle” (Ho Chi Mihn) is never far away. Though it doesn’t add any pressure to you as being a guest in the country, and you won’t get confronted with it. Everything feels dafe; street even alone in the nighttime, the food, the transports. It seems that the Vietnamese people, just have moved on. They are energetic – full of life and all smiling. There are no significant poverty, and no ones begs in the street. A city of 6 mill. and still it feels small and tranquil. We stayed in 2 different hotels, which gave us a good opportunity to discover different parts of the city.

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Our neighbourhood

What we pases on our way to the local market, which is about 200 – 300. The presswallah; our local drycleaner, notice he’s old fashioned ion with hot coal in it, who do the laundry and ioning for the neigbourhood. The small street kitchen, where all the guards, presswallahs, teawallahs, and other working people on the street, can come to eat and wash. Wallah means a person (allways a guy) who do all the lower jobs. Teawallah brings the tea around, in offices, shops e.g. The paper collector, all trash in India is collected and sorted – BY HAND !!!!                             The Defence store, which is our local “supermarket”, our vegetables stall, the flower stall, and some local restaurants. The guy with the silver pots, is selling not only cigarettes, but also Paan, which is a Bethel leaf filled and wrap, with your choise of spices, chilli sauce, and for the more wealthy sometimes cocain. wrapped together and put it in your mouth. They chew on it, and spit it out on the street. It’s their way of brushing their teeth and seen as a mouth refresher after a meal. Allover the street you find this red substance of spitted paan.                                You see our local tailor, just on the curb with his Singer, everything in India is happening on the streets, so also offcourse the hairdresser. Difficult to see here, a small buy getting his hair trimmed, held down by his mother. So as you can see, plenty livelyhood around.
Notice the small children on the rooftop of the building site, no hand rails at all. It’s on 3floor !!!

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Our street

This is our street, and how you enter our house. Next to the entrance you see the house of our guards. We have a guard 24 hours and they work in 2 shifts. Also the young man Ashook, who takes care of all things in and around the house. Lives with his family in the servants quarters upstairs.

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Our home – slowly getting there

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